We Care

At MOMS, We are happy to meet the demand for convenient and attractive storage units in Charlotte.

In case you are wondering, MOMS is short for Mobile Onsite Mini Storage. The name just fits our brand as we aim to treat our customers like family. In our own storage experiences we recognized this demand and worked to provide a secure and convenient alternative to the hassles Charlotte residents faced when temporarily storing their belongings.Our customers are thrilled with how many items they have been able to fit in our 8×12 MOMS storage units.

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Why MOMS is the best?

We are proud to have brought innovation and creativity to the process of storing personal belongings.

MOMS portable storage units resemble smaller homes with professional painting, wood siding, roofing tiles and even a stylish set of front doors. Unlike other public storage units, MOMS units are not sore thumbs in neighborhoods or commercial areas. They even add aesthetic value to properties.