No one has a hard time finding a reason to order a MOMS unit. We are constantly being contacted by people frustrated with garages so stuffed with boxes, bikes, holiday decor, sporting equipment, among other “stuff” that they can hardly squeeze their cars in there anymore. Other people call us and request our services simply because their attics have become too problematic to access and are not efficient for larger and heavier items. MOMS portable storage units are 8×12 - large enough to fit furniture, file cabinets, office equipment and more, yet small enough to maintain the space in parking lots, driveways and yards. It’s the perfect size for a wide variety of storage needs.


Our portable storage units are also a great solution for homeowners who crave a refresher for their homes and stare at all of the clutter, wondering where the heck it all came from and where they can put it just so it’s out of the way. Instead of throwing away items that you might need later or to pass on to your kids or storing items in a large storage building that is inaccessible and inconvenient, homeowners can clear out the clutter without parting with their items. A MOMS mini storage unit remains only a few steps away from the front door and can be accessed at any time. Let MOMS help with your home makeover. It’s a simple, affordable and practical solution for your renovating needs.


As most business owners already know, offices require a neat and professional appearance at all times. MOMS mini storage service is the perfect solution to expand your office without having to build an addition for more storage. At MOMS, we understand that business owners need to watch every dollar they spend in today’s tough economy. That is why we are here to help them with their cost saving endeavors. Businesses owners don’t have to stress about needing additional office space when they have MOMS portable units on site. Our units securely store items that can free up large closets and entire rooms. In the case a business owner decides the office will require renovations, MOMS units can be there to help as well. Office and technology equipment are sensitive and may not be able to withstand a lot of moving around, dust, rewiring and other irritating aspects that come along with renovations. By storing the equipment in a MOMS unit, business owners can rest assured that the renovation will not put expensive and delicate items at risk.


Whoever said construction is a messy thing has never used a MOMS mobile storage unit. Our attractive units make people slow down and look twice at construction sites when they see our wood sided, shingled roof stylish door framed MOMS units. The 8×12 units are large enough to accommodate major construction equipment such as ladders, ropes, tools, signage, etc. And if one unit isn’t enough to fulfill your construction storage needs, there is always the option to rent a matching unit and double the aesthetic appeal to the site. These units are the most durable, secure and reliable portable storage unit that the industry has to offer.

If you are getting ready for a renovation project, MOMS mini units are an ideal solution to store your belongings while you’re waiting for the completion of the project. Instead of moving items to an offsite storage unit, keep them at your home where you have easy access to them. The units are large enough to fit all your kitchen belongs, couches and more.

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